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This gallery features  the current designs of our ProtectsU Shields. These are specially designed stick-ons to be adhered on electronic devices and electrical appliances to help greatly reduce the harmful levels of radiation and Electro Magnetic Pollution they release thereby benefiting their users and the people physically near these equipment.   Our unique technology allows us to be highly flexible with our designs and materials .


These beautiful designs are embedded with the time-tested and proven double-action technology of Unique Performance:  They reduce radiation from the devices they are adhered on, and, when carried on your person, a ProtectsU Shield also increases your strength and endurance.

We also customize designs and white-label upon request for volume purchases!  Design and artwork fees may apply. These can come in the form of our standard printed stick-on shields, commemorative coins, charms, pendants, etc.

 All our products are made, treated, tested and processed in the U.S.A. 

ProtectsU Shield Bible Series

ProtectsU Shield Creation Series

ProtectsU Shield God Bless The Nations Series

More exciting products and designs soon! 

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