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We highly recommend these!

At Unique Performance, we are  always on the lookout for the best products that we highly recommend to complement our mission to help save lives. Here are some of them:

I. HEALTH, WEALTH AND THE TIME TO ENJOY IT. The FIRST and ONLY  company in the finance and health industry to enable  its independent agents to build teams in every state and country of presence, earn lifetime overrides and become vested on day 1. The company's crusade is to let its agents and clients realize how they can truly prepare for retirement or, even without retiring, be able to use money without the usual encumbrances of high taxes and hidden charges on their policies. Learn more about  exciting and rewarding possibilities and opportunities that only FinFit Life offers. Click HERE.


I. The best naturally high alkaline and high mineral water transformer in the world. As you may know by now, our Unique Performance technology and our ProtectsU products is based on our exclusive frequency technology. Our products interact with very quickly with our bodies as the body is 70% water. Naturally, we would want to have the best quality natural high alkaline and high mineral water to fill our bodies, as we are 70% made of it.

LEARN MORE ABOUT XOOMA XTREME X20 and why we at Unique Performance highly recommend this amazing natural water transformer! Click HERE.


III. The best protection against harmful micro-organisms in these modern times is this non-toxic, skin-friendly, eco-friendly, lab-tested and proven sanitizer and disinfectant that kills COVID, other viruses and  harmful germs with one spray application that has an efficacy that lasts up to 14 days!

LEARN MORE ABOUT THE BREAKTHROUGH PRODUCT INSTA PROTEX and why we at Unique Performance highly recommend this super-effective non-toxic sanitizer and disinfectant. Read the lab test results and be confident of the protection you have with INSTA PROTEX!   Click HERE.

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Health & Wealth


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Radiation is everywhere and has altered the natural energies and frequencies of our surroundings, nature itself and our own bodies causing scientifically-proven serious side effects including those on our cells, our brains and our immune system.

Experience the most amazing boost of power, peace and protection at the molecular level from our unique
ProtectsU Shields. Non-invasive unique frequency-based technology. Non-medicinal. Affordable. Convenient. Truly effective. Instant effects.

Check out the recorded live demos and testimonials from some of our users. Learn more by clicking the links here:

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