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"A person has many dimensions.

You may be an entrepreneur, business owner, employee, retiree, young adult going into

the world, student of life, or struggling survivor.  

Whatever you are, as long as you are willing

to see another day,

you are an opportunity-seeker.

You seek the opportunity to do better in life. 

We are devoted to help you seek those opportunities...

for your finances, health, lifestyle, business and personal growth.

We are a team devoted to improving lives."




(1) 407 221 8114

The Devoted Consultancy team is headed by JERRY LEWELLEN.


Jerry  has decades of success in marketing and direct sales. He started his sales career at a very young age as he saw it as his only ticket to a more comfortable life. He was personally mentored by industry legends like Mary Kay and the Grandfather of Network Marketing Glenn W. Turner. In the 80's he found himself getting into the insurance industry with A.L. Williams and held records for quickly growing his team.  It was around this time, too, while starting a life in Florida, that he got into the vacation industry which he supported by establishing  phone rooms. 


In his chosen industry of sales and marketing, Jerry saw the importance of lead-generation and developing systems  and sales funnels that his call center agents and sales teams could use. He has a passion for this and continues to develop and update these systems, recently partnering with Metaverse expert and fellow leads-generation expert  Joshua Passerrello.


As the world opened up again in 2022 after years of being affected by the COVID pandemic, Jerry has added a powerful global vacation membership and credits system in his arsenal of business and marketing tools where groups such as churches, companies and organizations will  not need to buy expensive memberships to avail of the best choices and discounts for accommodations and transportation rentals.


Jerry is a staunch health and anti-ageing enthusiast and this has led him to co-founding Unique Performance LLC, where he co-developed the ProtectsU Miracle Shield and other product applications for the amazing  proven technology invented by his co-founder David Lambert. Check out the testimonials and videos and see why the users have been calling these "miracle" shields that deliver instantly felt and seen results.


He is a leader in another frequency-based technology with a company called Lifewave,  partnering with well-known MLM leader Michael A. Accurso,  and is also a heavy promoter of a 100% natural water alkalizer/mineralizer/purifier  called X2O. 


He is  very involved with the popular and fast-growing  health and wellness clinic Six Degrees of Wellness based in Orlando headed by Harlyn Jimenez.

As a martial artist, he is currently developing a special martial arts and self-defense tool that he is embedding with the Unique Performance ProtectsU  technology. 

He strongly supports projects for a greener environment  and is involved in promoting solar power and fuel tabs for better gas mileage and less toxic emissions.

Jerry is an ordained pastor and has  recently established the Red Blooded Church Ministry with the help  and inspiration of Pastor Bob Champion. He joins Joshua Passerrello in his GOLF4Life ministry in the United States and has a ministry for disadvantaged women and farming families  in the Philippines.

Jerry believes in  living an  integrated life, where  his passions and beliefs permeate his private, business and church life. 

In 2021, he fell in love with the Finance industry all over again with the only IMO that is designed to go global and is focused on rewarding their clients and teams for making healthy choices. Jerry is now a founding director of FinFit Life working with industry legends Howard E. Sharfman, John Irvin and Bill Pienias

Jerry Lewellen
General Manager/Owner


Living Benefits

Corporate and Group Vacation Package Exclusive Savings and Points  System Worldwide

Co-Founder and Co-Product Developer  of Unique Performance ProtectsU Shield

Network Marketing Leader mentored by Glenn W. Turner

Marketing and Leads Generation

Ordained Pastor  Red Blooded Church Ministry

David Lambert

Devoted Consultancy  Team Leader

Co-founder and Main Inventor of Unique Performance  ProtectsU Miracle  Shield

Team Leader for FinFit Life

Michael Accurso

Devoted Consultancy  Team Leader

Senior Presidential for Lifewave

Joshua Passerrello

Devoted Consultancy  Team Leader specializing on Metaverse Marketing


Founder and CEO of GOLF4Life


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